Taiwan on Two Wheels

No, I didn’t suddenly teleport to Taiwan, although that would be pretty awesome if I figured out how to!

Wait.  Hold up.  Let me try something!

Well, you guessed it, I’m still in Korea.  Apparently the untranslatable Korean on my washing machine doesn’t really mean “wormhole.”

Well anyway, I stumbled across this trip around Taiwan.  Thomas Di Fonzo decided to tour Taiwan on an 11 day bike trip covering roughly 800 miles around the island of Taiwan.  It sounds like a fantastic adventure and just might be how I explore Taiwan (especially if I haven’t gotten my teleportation skills perfected).


I’ll probably pack a little heavier than him and definitely bring my DSLR.  Gonna have to work on my biking endurance if I wanna churn out 80 miles a day too.  I hope you enjoy his travel report as much as I did!

Have you ever done a bike excursion?  How did it compare to seeing an area on foot?