Adventure’s in Boracay, Philippines – New Years Eve

Boracay Fireworks

One of the main reasons I decided on New Years Eve on the Filipino island of Boracay was to meet my best friend Josh and his wife, Christine.  They had been traveling islands in the Philippines for a few weeks with her family & friends (who happen to be Filipino).  Our reunion began in the afternoon of December 31st and promised to lead to a fun-filled week of reminiscing and making new memories.

We grabbed my bags from the hostel and dropped them off at our hotel before wandering down to the beach.  Christine’s brother Adrian joined us as we caught up while strolling through my mini island tour.  The main event was tonight and we quickly went back to the hotel to change for New Years Eve dinner!

We dressed in slightly above “beach attire” and went to the White House Hotel to check out the buffet and drinks.  There I was introduced to Tito Francis, Tito Rei, Tita Susan and Tita Anali.  They were highschool friend’s of Christine’s parents (Nancy & Rudy) who still lived in the Philippines.  Lucky for me that meant I was sure to get the authentic Filipino experience!

White House Hotel and the other resorts we visited were managed and owned by their old friends so we got VIP treatment.  Or perhaps it was just that they spoke Tagalog so the waitstaff didn’t inflate prices for us white-folk.  But enough of that, lets skip ahead to what we’ve all been waiting for.  FOOD!

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Adventures in Boracay, Philippines – Bulabog Beach & Mt. Luho

Zipping down the road in a flimsy yellow tricycle was just one of many great adventures in Boracay, the party island of the Philippines.  After a red-eye flight, a holiday family Skype session and a few measly hours of sleep I found myself on the island of Caticlan Sunday morning.  It was a short taxi (all the taxis here are tricycles aka trikes) to the port where I waited for a boat to take me to Boracay.

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The ferry across only was in the open water for about 10 minutes but takes nearly an hour with all the congestion at either port.  The wooden ferries look like converted fishing boats with bamboo outriggers lashed on either side.  These overcrowded vessels have local sailors on bow and stern toting what 30 foot bamboo poles.  There adept punting skills with those push poles successfully maneuvered us at both harbors before I disembarked and jumped into anther trike.


The 2-way road was full of sidecar motorcycles converted into taxi-trikes.  After combing through a residential neighborhood my driver finally located MNL Boracay Beach Hostel; my home for the next 2 days.  I checked in, was excited to find a great view from our roof and went off to explore the beach.

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