An Autumn day in Seoraksan National Park

We woke up at Seoraksan Morning inn in Sokcho looking forward to a 2 kilometer walk to Seoraksan National Park.  The cute Korean couple who run the inn helped us find a local restaurant where Blaine, Katya, Masha, Varya, Nina and I ate some bibimbap before starting our stroll.


The road along our 30 minute hike was packed with cars and buses; we made a few friends with the waving children as their parents asked where we were from.  Canada, America & Russia always got a laugh regardless of the order we mentioned our home countries.  I guess Koreans don’t expect us all to mingle.

Leaves shrouded the roadway and as we hiked onward the mountain view we first noticed at our hotel crept closer.  We passed a rocky riverbed and got our first real glimpse of the landscape. There were reds, oranges and yellows laced between the evergreens but an unfortunate number of bare trees too.

_DSC7414 _DSC7413

Another kilometer up the road we came to the entrance of Seoraksan Natoinal Park and an overwhelming number of Koreans. We stopped briefly for some gimbap to take as a picnic lunch before buying our park tickets for ₩2500. Just inside the gate Nina and I stopped at a ranger station to get trail maps and determine the best way to spend our short day here.

_DSC7415 _DSC7431 _DSC7424

I was disappointed we couldn’t find a shorter route to the main peak, Daecheongbong (it was 6 hours each way) so I guess I’ll just have to come back again! The ranger mentioned a 2 hour hike to Ulsanbawi, a massive rock with a spectacular view, a 1 hour hike to the Biryeong & Towanseong Falls and the 30 minute cable car before a brief hike to Gwongeumseong, a “mountain fortress.”

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