Peace, Love, & Spring Colors part 2: Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group

South Korea’s Holi Hai festival in Busan was amazing.  Read about it in my part 1 or simply enjoy the second half of my photos!


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Peace, Love, & Spring Colors part 1: Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group

Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea

Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea

Holi Hai is a traditional Indian celebration of spring and Seoul Hiking Group went down to Busan to join this outstanding festival!  2015 was the 3rd year Holi Hai came to Busan, South Korea’s most popular beach city.  The day began at 9am with participants arriving on Haundae Beach wearing white.


They gave everyone 1 pag of "Cock Gold Paint"

They gave everyone 1 pag of “Cock Gold Paint”


Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea


Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea

Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea

The the organizers handed out special colored “paint” that we hope is environmentally friendly.  We quickly discovered how powdery it was as a few excited individuals opened their pouches early when one of the volunteers informed us we should wait until about 11:30.  They would make an announcement with a huge countdown to get everything started.


Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea


Holi Hai 2015 Busan, South Korea

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Peace, Love, Spring & Colors – Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group – Sneak Peek

This weekend I we welcomed the changing of the seasons with the traditional Indian festival Holi Hai.  Ronda and I jumped on a Seoul Hiking Group bus bound for Busan and had an amazing weekend on the beach.  Check out this sneak peek as I wash the colors out and wade through nearly 1500 photos!


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Korean Oktoberfest on Namhae Island – Seoul Hiking Group

Namhae, a gorgeous island of the southern coast off South Korea hosts a German Oktoberfest every year.  We arrived in the wee hours of the morning after enjoying Jinju’s lantern festival and I happily awoke to a beautiful harbor with some adorable graffiti painted along the wavebreaks.

_DSC3205 _DSC3208 _DSC3212 _DSC3215

Our pension was a mere kilometer away from the German Village; we enjoyed coastal views and some authentic brews as we walked to the top where a small town center awaited us._DSC3228

Traditional German red rooftops reminded me of my grandmother’s hometown Dahn, a quaint German village tucked into the south-eastern Bavarian hills.  Namhae’s German Village mimicked the German style after an influx of immigrants turned it from touristic to authentic.

_DSC3250 _DSC3246 _DSC3277

Before the parade began we happily joined some German men for a barbecue in their backyard.  Homemade brats and buns were certainly a highlight of the day, second only to the ongoing party at the top of the hill.


knickknacks were for sale in every shop and even at a few garage sales. Most of them were German trinkets but I liked these elephants the best 🙂

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Jinju Lantern Festival – Seoul Hiking Group

Jinju’s lantern festival began as a bustling Asian market and finished off with a flashy evening display.  Seoul Hiking Group arrived in Jinju for my first time as trip leader in the late afternoon.  We strolled past booth after booth of locally produced goods and endless stalls filled with Korean street food.

Jinju5 Jinju10 Jinju9 Jinju8 Jinju7 Jinju6

Jinju is famous for silk production and the festival had a display of silk worms at different stages.  The last tank showed how the bugs munch on leaves that have been sprayed different colors turning each worm into a colored silk weaving machine.

Jinju11 Jinju4Jinju53

Wandering through the riverside we snacked from tent to tent before being engrossed by a hand powered coffee press adjacent to a wooden pencil maker.  These experts were just a sampling of the local skills that were showcased before the sun went down.Jinju3Jinju2

Settling in along the river with a hearty plate of roast pig and bottles of makkeoli we eagerly awaited the 8pm fireworks display.  Like clockwork the first rocket soared into the air at precisely 8pm lighting up the sky with a rainbow of colors as the lanterns floated beneath.

Jinju14 Jinju13

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