Flash Mob Pillow Fight – Seoul Flash Mobs

Yes.  We had a pillow fight.  Yes.  It was absolutely and completely epic.  Yes.   You should have been there!

Pillow Fight Flash Mob - Seoul by Mark Grybos 8

A few weeks ago I had this stupid idea for all my friends to come and have a pillow fight at the park.  One thing led to another and I created Seoul Flash Mobs.  A few weeks ago we had our inaugural event with a onesie subway ride.  Last Saturday was the real grand opening with the best pillow fight Korea has ever seen!

Pillow Fight Flash Mob - Seoul by Mark Grybos 5

Photo by Mark Grybos


Seoul Flash Mob’s volunteers!


One thing led to another and the event went from a hundred or so RSVP’s to over 2,000!  I worked with Minwoo from Seoul Gone Wild & Kiara from Explore Korea to help arrange a new location and set up a crazy after party.  With weeks of anticipation future pillowfighters questioned what the “patriotic panda” signal would be as the organizers made sure the event would remain safe.  No zippers or buttons was an easy sell as a few #sarcastaposts suggested bringing a traditional Korean wooden pillow.


Photo by Mohammed Sami

Photo by Mohammed Sami

This video shows the quieter side of things from Korean Videographer Hong Yoon

Check out Symon Powlison & his team of camera men’s epic first person video.  You really feel like you’re in the fight with his vidoe!


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Onesie Subway Ride – Seoul Flash Mobs

A few weeks ago I had the crazy idea to start an epic pillow fight, one thing led to another and I created Seoul Flash Mobs.  We decided to get our feet wet before the pillow fight (which is turning out to have almost 2,000 RSVP’s!) with a onesie subway ride.



The plan was simple.  Give everyone an easy way to buy an animal onesie with enough time to order it (gmarket.com aka Ebay for Korea).  We decided to meet at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, a famous landmark that is often referred to as “that spaceship like thingy.”  While there we would hang out with some “refreshments” before jumping on the subway to eventually make our way to Hongade for Crazy Multiply’s art show, Archaioposterus.

_DSC4035 _DSC4043

We ended up having so much fun in Dongdaemun and became mini celebrities as Korean parents tossed their kids into our hands for a quick photo op.  We decided to stop in Gangnam for a second round of photos and jumped at the chance to dance to Gangnam Style!


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Animal Onesie Party!

So there I was, about to lead 70 adults on a ski trip with an overnight dinner party.  Might as well tell everyone to wear an animal onesie!  Wait, what?  Yes.  You read that correctly.  I convinced a bunch of attendees to wear onesies for this shindig.  Although only about 5 of us wore them on the ski slopes everyone rocked out in their animal pajamas until the wee hours of the morning.  Enjoy these absurd photos from one of the best parties Seoul Hiking Group has ever thrown!


Thanks Chef Gaby & Johhny Fishcake!


Typical SHG evening meal


Hi 🙂


Panda & Monkey = Future Roommates


Zombie Panda, Chipmunk, My Panda, Red Panda!


Chipmunk, Owl, Panda, Red Panda, Chipmunk, Bear?


Rock out Diana!!!!

_DSC5380 _DSC5356 _DSC5369 _DSC5375 _DSC5377 _DSC5359 _DSC5413 _DSC5424 _DSC5386 _DSC5396 _DSC5405 _DSC5458 _DSC5417 _DSC5470 _DSC5489 _DSC5465 _DSC5515 _DSC5530 _DSC5551 _DSC5555 _DSC5556 _DSC5592 _DSC5597 _DSC5603 _DSC5607 _DSC5611


Goodnight Onesies