Psuedo Strike Day 6

Today a handful of CPIS’s teachers, including myself, boycotted the weekly Wednesday meeting.  The foreign teachers have resolved not to send home the weekly report to parents. Quarterly progress reports which are due Friday won’t be written and “baby sitting” instead of “teaching” will continue.  The minute we receive our paycheck, duties will resume as normal.

Today my principal asked “where were you for bus duty??

“Where is my paycheck?” I responded. “I’ll come down for bus duty after we are paid.”

“That’s not okay.” She retorted.

“I agree; its not okay that we haven’t received our paychecks. If Mr. Bae needs someone at bus duty he can pay us or do it himself.”

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Psuedo Strike Day 4

We continue teaching without pay so have we continued teaching at CPIS in a similar vein to last week with minimal instruction.  I hate the feeling that I could be doing more for these kids but even in my short stay here in Korea I’ve learned that I need to take care of myself first.

That was one of the first lessons I was taught here from a more experienced expat.  “Koreans aren’t going to look after you.  You need to always look out for your best interests or they will just take advantage of you.  It happens all the time to Americans, especially at hagwons.”  I took my friend Hoho’s advice my first week after I found out about the first series of late paychecks.

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