My first Korean sentence – I love monkeys!

I taught myself to read Hangul in the first few months here.  I can now read with about 70% accuracy.  I mix up vowels a lot but am confident that will come with more practice.

I started a Korean Class last week and am getting the textbook next week.  Its been helpful with learning basic grammar even though I’ve only had 2 classes.  Plus it forces me to actually take notes and practice while having a venue for practicing my pronunciation without a Korean friend laughing.

I also plan to attend a coffee house language exchange on Mondays where we just talk in different languages.  Next week is my second time!

That being said the most exciting part is that I just figured out how to type in 한굴 (Hangul) on my keyboard!  The first thing I wrote (largely due to my limited vocab from my notes) was

나는 원송이를 사랑행요 (I love monkeys)

Its pronounced roughly Nanun uen song ee ruel sarang haangyo.  Note that in Korean you say the sentence “Subject, Object, Verb” so that translates directly to “I monkey love”

Whats your favorite animal?  Any other ridiculous sentences I should translate for practice?