Onesie Subway Ride – Seoul Flash Mobs

A few weeks ago I had the crazy idea to start an epic pillow fight, one thing led to another and I created Seoul Flash Mobs.  We decided to get our feet wet before the pillow fight (which is turning out to have almost 2,000 RSVP’s!) with a onesie subway ride.



The plan was simple.  Give everyone an easy way to buy an animal onesie with enough time to order it ( aka Ebay for Korea).  We decided to meet at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, a famous landmark that is often referred to as “that spaceship like thingy.”  While there we would hang out with some “refreshments” before jumping on the subway to eventually make our way to Hongade for Crazy Multiply’s art show, Archaioposterus.

_DSC4035 _DSC4043

We ended up having so much fun in Dongdaemun and became mini celebrities as Korean parents tossed their kids into our hands for a quick photo op.  We decided to stop in Gangnam for a second round of photos and jumped at the chance to dance to Gangnam Style!


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Gangnam to Hongdae, hookah, eating, drinking and dancing!

Saturday I got a text from an “old” friend, Sarah.  We met a little over a month ago at K-Cook delight and I immediately hit it off with her group of friends: Ciara, Taem, Elly, & Yi Young.  Unfortunately they live on the other side of Seoul and I haven’t had a chance to see them so when she told me tonight was her birthday party I knew I had to be there!

We met at Gangnam station before heading to Rainbow Hookah Bar.  Rainbow is an adorable basement lounge with a hippie decor starting when you walk in through a peace sign on the front door.  They’ve got everything from dream catchers to tie dye and rainbows around the walls with everyone seated on the floor enjoying middle eastern flavors fused with a modern flair that provides a smokey aroma.  We got great seats in a “loft” just behind the band.  Wait, there’s a band?  Sweet, I knew this night was going to be fun!


The evening started with a rum bucket, an ice mint hookah and cuban mojito hookah.  Taking puffs of the flavored tobacco we caught up and I filled them in on the recent fiascoes at my job.  Luckily I got the letter of release yesterday so I was basically celebrating my new job tonight (I’m expecting to get the contract early this week!)  The other good news is if I get this new job I’ll be working at the same subway stop as them!

Before long the band started setting up.  The hippie troupe was composed of assorted drums, didgeridoos, a guitar, bass and a drum set.  Their sound was phenomenal and filled the room as everyone swayed to the rhythm.


The band kept jamming as a saxophone came out and solo’d in between one of the drummers taking to a microphone for psuedo-scat that sounded like Korean chanting I’ve heard in Buddhist temples.  In between songs they invited everyone to come grab an instrument and join in.  I was tempted but thought I’d have some more liquid courage first.  Unfortunately their set ended before I worked up the balls to join them so I just played around with the didgeridoo while the DJ spun in the background.

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