Anyang from Korea!

Ever had a birthday and someone asks if you feel a year older but you feel the same?  Well that’s kinda how I feel about being here. I feel like I should be bursting at the seams with excitement having just arrived in a foreign country, my home for the next year, but I feel just the same as when I left.  I think that’s a good thing? Or perhaps exhaustion.

It is confusing not being able to read street signs or have any conversation with my taxi driver. But, I lived in Boston for 4 years so street signs are irrelevant and how many New York cabbies can you really understand?  Had a minor incident in not figuring out how to turn on my AC and the hotel repair guy didn’t speak English. Turns out the thermostat is useless and I just need a remote so we got by on hand gestures and a double facepalm.

The flights went swimmingly well. Only hit turbulence a few times and enjoyed an assortment of food and drink.  Didn’t sleep too much but that should help with the jet lag, especially after nearly 26 hours of travel.

I’m in a hotel tonight and tomorrow and about to head to bed.  2 coworkers met me at my hotel and helped check me in. They were exceptionally nice and that bodes well for the workplace.
They are coming back in the morning and taking me to the school to meet everyone and show me around town.

There really is Wi-Fi everywhere so far and the nighttime cityscape looks pretty sweet.  Good night for now!