The Best Teachers Don’t Do What They’re Told

The Best Teachers Don’t Do What They’re Told

This is a great read for any teacher, parent, administrator or anyone who just wants some insight into the teaching world.  Each and every day teachers perform hundreds of tasks; being a teacher can often feel like you are trying to balance a juggling act while giving a motivational speech to college freshman and simultaneously a lion tamer with a dilapidated chair.  The phrase “choose your battles” comes into my head regularly and if you haven’t learned how to yet ask someone to help, its a wonderful life skill.

Less is more and while you should always maintain a professional level of responsibility The Best Teachers Don’t Do What They’re Told dives wonderfully into how thinking outside the box is often more effective than conforming.  Don’t forget to balance the two!  

ESL, Special Ed, Regular Ed, Honors/Advanced classes or higher ed.  I don’t care what you’re teaching, its worth the read!


Sometimes its okay NOT to make a happy face