Bau House – a Dog Cafe in Hapjeong, South Korea

Do you love dogs but live a lifestyle that would be cruel for that pooch at home?  Well I know I do.  I would love to have a dog but between Seoul Hiking Group on the weekends and traveling for weeks & months every year I know it would be unfair to my furry friend and have decided to wait.  Once I finally settle down I’ll surely adopt a dog or two but until then I have to satisfy my canine cravings with friends dogs and of course the unique dog cafe in South Korea.  Directions at the bottom!

_DSC7062 _DSC7015

Bau House is a wonderful place where you can come and play with dozens of friendly dogs.  They are happy to sit with you as you sip a coffee or work on that term paper.  I’m not brave enough to bring my laptop but some of the regulars will curl up with a pup and type away.  Entrance is free but they ask that you buy at least 1 drink to help cover the costs.  Most of the dogs live here with the owners but you can bring your own pup too!_DSC6988 _DSC6963

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Playing in Tiger Kingdom – Phuket, Thailand

‘Roar” said some kid._DSC7374

“Meowoof” said the tiger.

The tiger’s roar sounded like a combination purr and bark.  They are by definition “Big Cats” but when I rested my head and rubbed Mak’s belly I couldn’t help but think of lying with my family dog.  Maybe it was all in my head but imagination aside Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, Thailand was an outstanding adventure!

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