Onesie Subway Ride – Seoul Flash Mobs

A few weeks ago I had the crazy idea to start an epic pillow fight, one thing led to another and I created Seoul Flash Mobs.  We decided to get our feet wet before the pillow fight (which is turning out to have almost 2,000 RSVP’s!) with a onesie subway ride.



The plan was simple.  Give everyone an easy way to buy an animal onesie with enough time to order it ( aka Ebay for Korea).  We decided to meet at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, a famous landmark that is often referred to as “that spaceship like thingy.”  While there we would hang out with some “refreshments” before jumping on the subway to eventually make our way to Hongade for Crazy Multiply’s art show, Archaioposterus.

_DSC4035 _DSC4043

We ended up having so much fun in Dongdaemun and became mini celebrities as Korean parents tossed their kids into our hands for a quick photo op.  We decided to stop in Gangnam for a second round of photos and jumped at the chance to dance to Gangnam Style!


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Crazy Multiply – Archaioposterus – my first art show

Last weekend my photography was featured in Crazy Multiply’s art show, Archaioposterus!  After submitting almost 50 photos the curators picked 3 of my shots from Son Doong for Archaioposterus.  It was my first show and I can’t wait to join Crazy Multiply as they bring artists together a few times a year for a wonderful night of art and music.


Imagine for a moment that you are walking into Yogiga’s basement venue you were greeted with my photos immediately to your right and a nominal 5,000won($5) entry fee on your left.  If you were lucky enough to arrive early the venue was a nice quiet space to enjoy the art at your leisure.  Maybe even with one of the delicious craft brews or premixed gin & tonics for sale.


First you loop clockwise around the basement passing curator Marina Carsten’s unique embroidery on tobacco and other leafy DNA photos.  (find more of her art here  If they peak your interest they can be found on sale at the merch table in the back. _DSC4343

Next up is a celestial series mimicking a deep blue night sky.  Many patrons stood contemplated whether these pieces were based on real constellations or simply a figment of artist, Megan Ratliff’s imagination.  Pausing for a moment you can’t decide but know that you love the series.  It gets you thinking about the deeper complexities of the universe. Continue reading