A Hagwon Horror Story

I got to Korea on August 28th and started working on the 29th.  I had only been working for exactly one week when the first payday came.  I wasn’t owed a paycheck until October 5th but all of my coworker’s payday was late.  They told us on Thursday the 5th maybe Friday, then maybe Monday.  A week they were paid half of their paycheck and another week later they go the rest.

Hagwons have a reputation for delinquent payment & unannounced closing when under financial duress.  Combine this with the strange men wandering around our school taking measurements and classrooms being boarded up when inspectors arrive and us teachers were worried.

Here you’ll find my chronicle about how this situation evolved and what I did in reaction.  I hope you enjoy the read and if you happen to be looking at teaching in Korea I encourage you to do so in spite of this negative experience.  I’ve loved it here and am excited to find a new school without these issues.

Payday… Just kidding!

My first payday

A strange day at work

A welcome surprise

Yet another surprise


Psuedo Strike Day 1

Psuedo Strike Day 2

Psuedo Strike Day 3

Psuedo Strike Day 4

Psuedo Strike Day 5

Psuedo Strike Day 6

Interviews letters of release and finding a new job

A job offer without a letter of release

2nd interview, 2nd offer, still no letter of release

Friday night fight for my letter of release

Accepting a new contract!

5 thoughts on “A Hagwon Horror Story

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