A weekend in Taipei, Taiwan

A weekend is just enough to get a taste of Taiwan and realize you want to go back again before you’ve even left.  Taipei has an excellent public transit system, free wifi and lots of cultural & crazy experiences.  Here’s a quick preview of Ronda and my trip as we met my college buddy Andrew (who flew in from Japan with a few other friends).

Night Markets

If there’s one thing that Taiwan is known for its certainly the diversity of its night markets.  We stopped by at least 3 different markets and although some were “the biggest” or “best” according to a guidebook we found them all to be wonderful.  They sported an assortment of sights and smells including the infamous “stinky tofu” and all the parts of animals that you may not have wanted to sample.  I highly recommend just about anything on a stick and if you can handle the smell, stinky tofu is a delicacy!


Night markets are easy to find and almost every subway station has *insert Taiwanese name here* Market listed on the exit signs.  We always felt safe but I advise anyone going to a public place like these market be careful with your valuables!

_DSC6199 _DSC6065


Wulai is a mountain village boasting the largest waterfall in Taiwan, an abundance of natural hot springs and the opportunity for a jungle adventure.  Luckily its only a 45 minute bus ride from Xiandan station at the end of the Green Subway line.  You can take a taxi for about $600NTD ($20USD) or ride the bus like we did for $15 NTD ($.50 USD).  Once there I recommend taking the cable car over the river to see the waterfall.  It was stunning and I can’t wait to share more; enjoy these photos for now. Continue reading

Bukhansan National Park’s highest peak – Baegundae

Last summer I made the responsible (albeit disappointing) choice to skip mudfest in lieu of staying healthy and climbing Bukhansan National Park’s highest peak, Baegundae.  Leaving the following Thursday for an extreme trip through Vietnam  I knew that I didn’t want to fight a multi-day hangover or any bruised limbs from the alcohol supported escapades at one of the dirtiest festivals in the world.  As a result I offered to lead a hike up Baegundae with Seoul Hiking Group.  That’s how Brian and I came to meet some new hiking buddies, Heidi & Jason!

The Korean language barrier presented some difficulties finding the right entrance.  At first we ended up at the same entrance Brian & I had taken a few months back which was a 4 hour trek to the base of Baegundae.  This time we were searching for the 1.5 hour route!  Luckily my Korean was capable enough to buy a map and ask for directions so we quikcly found a cab and arrived at the Baegundae-Sogwicheon Information Center.





When first stepping on the trail we had roughly 500m of vertical remaining in the 835m climb up Baegundae.  It began as rough cut stone steps and boulders surrounded by th_DSC6490e natural beauty of Bukhansan in the summer.  Green trees with the occasional flower flanked our path as the sweat rolled down our faces.  Jason, a first time hiker was soon converted to a naturalist and took regular breaks to get a full feel for mother nature’s splendor.



A few minutes in we found ourselves at a “temple.”  It had none of the usual pizazz with a bland roof instead of the typical painted parapet.  We were greeted by two “mountain dogs” as a Korean woman approached.  There was a small antechamber for prayer with a spectacular buddha but otherwise this locale appeared to be the simple residence of these pleasant folk.  We played with the dogs for a few moments and said our thanks before continuing the trek.


_DSC6444 _DSC6462

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Saryangdo with Seoul Hiking Group 3.0

This weekend Seoul Hiking Group took our usual night bus to Saryangdo was pleasantly uneventful.  Little did I know but my 3rd trip to the island would be just as stunning as the first.   A true testamant to the natural beauty Saryangdo possesses.  We arrived at Goseong Dino Park at 5am for a quick hike to fossilized dinosaur footprints and a gorgeous sunrise among the islands.

_DSC5063 Goseong Sunrise _DSC5158

As the mist cleared we jumped back on the bus to the ferry terminal.  Arriving early we enjoyed a breakfast of muffins and fruit while watching the calm morning water as locals got to work on their boats.


Waiting for the ferry

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Peace, Love, Spring & Colors – Holi Hai with Seoul Hiking Group – Sneak Peek

This weekend I we welcomed the changing of the seasons with the traditional Indian festival Holi Hai.  Ronda and I jumped on a Seoul Hiking Group bus bound for Busan and had an amazing weekend on the beach.  Check out this sneak peek as I wash the colors out and wade through nearly 1500 photos!


_DSC2372 _DSC2690 _DSC2782 _DSC2966

Animal Onesie Party!

So there I was, about to lead 70 adults on a ski trip with an overnight dinner party.  Might as well tell everyone to wear an animal onesie!  Wait, what?  Yes.  You read that correctly.  I convinced a bunch of attendees to wear onesies for this shindig.  Although only about 5 of us wore them on the ski slopes everyone rocked out in their animal pajamas until the wee hours of the morning.  Enjoy these absurd photos from one of the best parties Seoul Hiking Group has ever thrown!


Thanks Chef Gaby & Johhny Fishcake!


Typical SHG evening meal


Hi 🙂


Panda & Monkey = Future Roommates


Zombie Panda, Chipmunk, My Panda, Red Panda!


Chipmunk, Owl, Panda, Red Panda, Chipmunk, Bear?


Rock out Diana!!!!

_DSC5380 _DSC5356 _DSC5369 _DSC5375 _DSC5377 _DSC5359 _DSC5413 _DSC5424 _DSC5386 _DSC5396 _DSC5405 _DSC5458 _DSC5417 _DSC5470 _DSC5489 _DSC5465 _DSC5515 _DSC5530 _DSC5551 _DSC5555 _DSC5556 _DSC5592 _DSC5597 _DSC5603 _DSC5607 _DSC5611


Goodnight Onesies