Switching to self-hosting my website

I’ve been debating self-hosting (presently wordpress manages it all for me)for the past few months and finally decided to make the change. For me that means more options which means you get a nicer looking website (hopefully) with cooler functions and hopefully better navigation. It also means I can put some adds on here to make a little extra money. I promise I’ll keep them as unobtrusive as possible and hopefully always relevant. Some of them are paid per click and I’m not allowed to ask for you to click on them and they say they’ll know if my family & friends are repeatedly doing it but if you see something interesting please check it out. This also means my website may be down for a few days in the near future as I make the switch.

I’m using http://www.bluehost.com and so far its a little more confusing than I had hoped. I feel like I missed a step somewhere since I can still access it from my original website and don’t have any added functionality yet.

Well… time for bed. I’ve got an overnight field trip tomorrow and a 3 day weekend hiking in Seoraksan and exploring the beaches along the East Sea after that.

2 thoughts on “Switching to self-hosting my website

  1. Did you get it sorted? I found the switch to bluehost tricky too- even though someone switched it for me I still had the “old” dashboard. Someone on the bluehost chat function sorted me out!

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    • Hey Joella,
      I’m still trying to figure it out. Was in the mountains all weekend & I’ve still got the “old” dashboard too. Will have to get on chat with them tomorrow after work. Thanks for the suggestion!


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