Saryangdo with Seoul Hiking Group 3.0

This weekend Seoul Hiking Group took our usual night bus to Saryangdo was pleasantly uneventful.  Little did I know but my 3rd trip to the island would be just as stunning as the first.   A true testamant to the natural beauty Saryangdo possesses.  We arrived at Goseong Dino Park at 5am for a quick hike to fossilized dinosaur footprints and a gorgeous sunrise among the islands.

_DSC5063 Goseong Sunrise _DSC5158

As the mist cleared we jumped back on the bus to the ferry terminal.  Arriving early we enjoyed a breakfast of muffins and fruit while watching the calm morning water as locals got to work on their boats.


Waiting for the ferry


Korean dockworkers





The 40 minute ferry was full of excitement with Saryangdo coming into full view as the hikers’ anticipation grew!  We had to walked to our pension; tucked away in a quaint fishing village on the north side o the island.

_DSC5220 _DSC5216 _DSC5231

Once there everyone dropped off bags and geared up at the only store in town before promptly climbing the first peak.  Its funny how even these remote towns have similarities to Korean big cities.  Wandering around you see the same multicolored umbrellas and brightly  clothed ajummas (old women) selling goods on the street.

_DSC5261 _DSC5258 _DSC5256

An experienced hiker can reach the top in 30 minutes.  An experienced hiker knows to take time and enjoy the views along the way.  We made it to that summit in about an hour ;).



Finally on the ridge everyone understood why I promoted this as my favorite hike in Korea.  It was my 3rd time here and every moment was just as breathtaking as the first!  We set out at a leisurely pace up the rocks, ropes & stairs with regular photo ops.

_DSC5272 _DSC5274 _DSC5282

The hike isn’t too difficult even for a novice.  Sure there are some more technical parts but the biggest issue on Saryangdo is a fear of heights.  Unfortunately those with acrophobia usually have trouble on top of mountains anyway.


_DSC5314 _DSC5377 Saryangdo Panorama 1

That fear made this hike an even bigger challenge for some.  But the great thing about Seoul Hiking Group is that we are full of patient, kind hearted people.  No really, we are!  Anytime someone needed a break or got nervous a stranger would jump in with encouraging words and helping them make the decision to trek onward or turn back.

_DSC5331 _DSC5342 _DSC5323

Saryangdo Panorama 2 _DSC5287

Its impressive to watch someone come to such an obstacle and overcome that hurdle in the same day.  I’ve gotta give a shoutout to the two in my group who struggled at times and proved to be some of the strongest in our troop at others.  You know who you are!  (keeping it anonymous on the internet)

_DSC5391 _DSC5441 _DSC5461 _DSC5553 _DSC5544 _DSC5624

While at the top Ronda and I couldn’t resist the urge to practice some Acroyoga with this stunning backdrop.  It started with shouts of caution which quickly turned into a low applause as “ooo’s” & “aaaahh’s” spread among the Koreans and foreigners.  Don’t worry mom (or Ronda’s mom) we make sure there’s plenty of flat ground and only try moves that we’ve perfected down below 😉

Thigh Stand in Saryangdo _DSC5421 _DSC5519 _DSC5417

In case you missed the video last time here it is again 🙂

Enjoy the rest of these photos and hope to see you on a trip soon!

_DSC5148 _DSC5143


_DSC5643 _DSC5645 _DSC5355


Hiking Adjumma

_DSC5548_DSC5383Saryangdo Panorama 3

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