Hang Son Doong Itinerary – Day 1

I start my journey to Son Doong with a flight from Seoul to Hanoi Thursday July 24th where I’ll spend the night.  I got on an early Vietnam Airlines flight from Hanoi to Dong Hoi where I will be meeting Oxalis and starting the tour.  Over the next few day I have scheduled posts to give you updates with Oxalis’ planned itinerary.  I can’t wait to share my photos and journal from this amazing trip with you but for now here is a fairly uninteresting Day 1.

Day 1 – Friday July 25th
[Arrive in Dong Hoi, transfer to hotel in Phong Nha, orientation]

All days start with breakfast at about 8am and departing camp about 9am.  There is no rush and times are flexible according to the group.  The tour is spectacular, so there is a lot of time for photography and to enjoy the cave.

5.30PM Briefing with guides and safety experts.    Checking of clothing/equipment.  You will be asked to pack your things for the porters after the briefing.  This will be taken to the porters for packing and returned to you at the first camp site the next day.

7.30 Dinner

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