Beef Sushi!

Beef sushi tonight wasn’t quite like my first experience with “Korean Beef sushi“.  Susan, Brian and I stopped in what we thought would be a small mom & pop Korean restaurant in Hyewha.  Upon arrival the menu greeted with us with what appeared to be more of a Korean fusion style.  We picked an assortment that included potato croquettes, fried mandu (with a spicy salad on top) and beef sushi before ending the meal with a some kind of curry bibimbap.  It was all delicious even though the beef sushi might have been cooler to watch than it tasted.  Either for gimmicks or flavors we’ll definitely be back here and maybe I can update with the actual restaurant details.

Has anyone seen this trend with other foods or other countries?

2 thoughts on “Beef Sushi!

  1. When I eat sushi or sashimi, I liberally dip it in a wasabi-soy sauce mixture. Perhaps beef sushi needs Korean BBQ dipping sauce.


    • It came with a greenish yellow dipping sauce. I usually dip similarly for sushi-sashimi but this sauce was different. I think you’re right that a bbq sauce would have been even better!


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