Night Hiking Achasan – Seoul Hiking Group

With the weather getting warmer night hiking keeps being a great idea!  I joined my second Seoul Hiking Group night hike to Achasan last night and had a great time.  (First hike to Bukaksan here)  Check out these awesome night shots since I finally had my tripod working!  Thanks Warren & Breanne for organizing this.  I hope I can make more night hikes soon.


_DSC1973 _DSC1979 _DSC2008 _DSC2000 _DSC1996 _DSC1994 _DSC2023 _DSC2031 _DSC2035

_DSC2039 _DSC2045 _DSC2061

6 thoughts on “Night Hiking Achasan – Seoul Hiking Group

    • Yeah i dont remember what i was shooting with. It was my first time with a tripod and was too busy fiddling with that and shutter settings, totally forgot to change the wb…


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