A Smoggy photo walk through Hyewha

I’m all moved into Hyewha!  Updates about the last few weeks at my awful hogwon are coming shortly but mostly I’m super excited to start my new job!  Orientation is tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet my 4th graders on Monday.

In other news I went on a stroll around my new neighborhood yesterday with my friend Susan.  She’ll be teaching 1st grade at my new school too!  The last few days we’ve had some pretty bad pollution from China which results in smoggy views but we still had a great time.  I’ll highlight Hyewha’s nightlife in a few weeks but for now you can enjoy the beautiful murals, views from Naksan Park and quaint storefronts on this hazy afternoon.

_DSC9517 _DSC9524 _DSC9520

Naksan Park

Naksan Park

_DSC9530 _DSC9532 _DSC9533 _DSC9535

A hazy view of Namsan Tower

A hazy view of Namsan Tower

_DSC9545 _DSC9548 _DSC9551_DSC9554 _DSC9556 _DSC9557Hyewha Mural _DSC9562 _DSC9563 _DSC9565 _DSC9567 _DSC9570 _DSC9571 _DSC9572 _DSC9575

Meet Kahn!

Meet Kahn!

_DSC9590 _DSC9591 _DSC9595 _DSC9598 _DSC9597 _DSC9593

Smallest squater I've ever seen!

Smallest squater I’ve ever seen!

_DSC9601 _DSC9603



_DSC9610 _DSC9615

Cardboard Recycling

Cardboard Recycling

_DSC9623 _DSC9624

My new view!

My new view!

3 thoughts on “A Smoggy photo walk through Hyewha

  1. there is naksan park and ehwa town~
    so beatiful. i went to there 3 yaers ago~
    when i see picture, i wanna go there again~~

    p.s) i resister my blog adress kkk
    if you have time you visit my blog~

    See ya mike~


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