What Students Remember Most About Teachers

Thanks Aunt Pearl for sharing this. Its an excellent read for any teachers, especially new teachers struggling with the stress and workload. Whenever you feel like you are overwhelmed take a minute and breath. Remember why you became a teacher and embrace that love within yourself. Know that you have already made a difference and the positive influence that you create has no limit!

I’ve dealt with a lot of stress and crappy situations in my first 6 months teaching abroad. But I haven’t let awful administration, paycheck woes or anything else interfere with how I respond to my students. I still show them as much love and care as possible and know that while their young memories of me may fade, the impact I have had on their character will last forever.

Pursuit of a Joyful Life

Dear Young Teacher Down the Hall,

I saw you as you rushed passed me in the lunch room. Urgent. In a hurry to catch a bite before the final bell would ring calling all the students back inside. I noticed that your eyes showed tension. There were faint creases in your forehead. And I asked you how your day was going and you sighed.

“Oh, fine,” you replied.

But I knew it was anything but fine. I noticed that the stress was getting to you. I could tell that the pressure was rising. And I looked at you and made an intentional decision to stop you right then and there. To ask you how things were really going. Was it that I saw in you a glimpse of myself that made me take the moment?

You told me how busy you were, how much there was to do

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