Back from the Philippines

What a trip!  I’m finally home… wait?  home?  Yeah that’s weird.  I’m back ‘home’ in Korea and excited to sleep in my bed!  I’m actually a little excited to see my little munchkins tomorrow too.  Other than seeing my students and coworkers I’m horrified at going back to work this week after having my first real vacation.  I feel like it’ll take 2 months for me to get back into it and by then my new job starts!

Stay tuned over the next few days for pictures and stories from this fantastic adventure with my best friends, the Golub & Go families!  I tried SCUBA diving, went cliff jumping and loved riding around the island on my new favorite kind of taxi.  The tropical paradise paved the way for me to make great new friends from all over the world and I ate some fantastic seafood and eccentric exotic edibles too.

Celebrating New Years with some of my best friends was a blast and it gave me some time to get more introspective about what moving to Asia really means for me.  I felt my first twinges of homesickness and the trip wasn’t without a few comical incidents like the day I fell asleep in the sun and was later ill from sun poisoning or how the ATM ate my US bank card!

Well, its late in Korea and I’ve got a full work week ahead of me so you’ll just have to check back later for more!

One thought on “Back from the Philippines

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