The Rest of the World: A Guide for Americans

Great advice from an old colleague to anyone traveling. Especially Americans!


While I may not be as experienced as a world traveller as I’d like to be, I have done more international travel than at least 60% of Americans [1]. And in each of my trips abroad, I have encountered that American. You know the one I’m talking about — the one angrily complaining that the local business does not take US dollars, or that the food is not cooked in the same way as back home, or the one who asks the Austrians about their pet kangaroos.

So here are my tips for Americans (or anyone really) who travel abroad for the first time (or any time). Some are based on my experiences, others are just what I have witnessed. Others are just common sense (or what should be). Some are geared specifically towards Europe or Britain, but can also apply anywhere. (I also realize that most of my readers…

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