A great post about healthy living from a fellow blogger!

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out.

My favorite part

Being healthy and fit can help you see the world differently.  The planet looks different from a bike or a pair of skis than it does from a car or an airplane.  Out in the elements you have the time and space to notice details and meet people and remember smells and bugs and mud and rain and the feeling of warm sunshine on your face.  And those are the moments that make up your life.

Read this.  Live this.  Work out because you want to be a healthy person.  Be healthy not because of some social misconception of beauty but because of everything that a healthy lifestyle does to enhance your life!  Especially if you happen to be a role model for a wee one.

One of my favorite hobbies is fencing.  I know its eccentric but it gives me a damn good cardio workout a few times a week.  I can’t wait for ski season where I can go explore the mountains and access the inaccessible.  Use the month leading up to New Years to get yourself ready to make a commitment to healthy living!

via A great postabout healthy living fromfrom a fellow blogger!.

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