Cynical quotes about a modern world

“Life is what happens while you’re looking at your smartphone.”

Check out these illustrations. My favorites are the above link & “Please like me.”

Smartphones are great tools and can make boring commutes go quicker but there is so much more out there. Pick your head up and go live your life!  Before smartphones you never saw someone staring at their hammer for 8 hours a day.  Sure once handheld video games were invented we had some awesome distractions for a 12 hour road trip but they are inherently “games.”  There is so much more to life than playing games and staring at Facebook!

“Please like me.”

Forget what everyone else thinks.  When I was little I was a “band geek” and a “nerd.”  I played nerdy sports and liked video games; I actually enjoyed school, learning and music.  Crazy right?  (Whats most amusing is that the older I get the “cooler” all of those “weird hobbies” are becoming.)

My parents and teachers taught me not to worry about what other people think.  The phrase “he’ll be pumping your gas” was said a few times and although I crave all of your “follows” and “likes,” the real reason I write this blog is because I enjoy it.  I enjoy writing down my thoughts and perhaps even providing advice and insight to someone out there.  I get to chronicle what is the biggest adventure thus far in my life and share those experiences with whoever wants to stop by.

When I read and see all the cynicism out there on the internet it inspires me to do more rather than give in to mediocrity.  Get out there and go do what you love, don’t do it because someone else likes it, do it because you want to!

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